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Training for the teaching council

The training offer for teachers and educators covers a wide range of topics. Thanks to this, we comprehensively respond to the specific needs of employees of educational institutions. Regardless of the topic, we pay attention to building the foundations of cooperation, exchange of experience and communication in the team. We use case analysis, workshop exercises, training games, group work, mini-lecture or discussion. The aim of the activities carried out is primarily to protect the student from engaging in behaviors that inhibit and disrupt his normal development.

Training topics on the pedagogical cluster:

  • Mental disorders in children and adolescents
  • Social exclusion and self-exclusion with an indication of depression in children and adolescents – how to recognize and how to help?
  • Diagnosis of educational problems
  • Virtual world- opportunities and dangers of the network. Effects and real forms of help in difficult situations
  • Learning techniques and methods that motivate learning
  • Addictions to psychoactive substances-prevention and intervention
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