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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the functioning of people in many areas has changed. The way of functioning of school environments and other educational centers, including care facilities, has been significantly and rapidly transformed. As noted by specialists, such as psychologists and sociologists, these changes have not only affected the form of knowledge transfer, but also contributed to many psychological and social consequences. Difficulties faced by students have influenced the reorganization of work for teachers and caregivers, who have faced additional challenges in their professional work during this time. As emphasized by specialists, a significant importance for young people was the sense of “emotional care”. This means that an important task for educators and caregivers was to be available for young people despite physical distance. Therefore, we took steps to address their difficulties and emotions. In addition to the demand for support from young people, we also recognized this need among others, including people with disabilities, socially excluded individuals, and those particularly vulnerable to stress resulting from isolation. Observations collected from the support helpline operated during the pandemic showed how much stress, anxiety, and difficulties were present in their lives.

The Support for Teachers and Students During the Pandemic project, implemented in 2021, was the first stage of cooperation between the PRO-FIL Foundation for Social Psychoprophylaxis and the Karpatské Centrum Spolupráce, n.o. association. The general aim of the micro-project was to improve the quality and effectiveness of non-formal education in the situation of pandemic threat, which would have an impact on improving the situation in the cross-border labor market. Responding to the needs of teachers and students and mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we implemented a series of tasks aimed at mitigating the effects of the pandemic and coping with related situations. During the project implementation, teachers participated in trainings and supervisions, focusing on improving their own resources and learning methods that they could use in their further work with young people. Students had the opportunity to participate in social skills training, which aims to increase their ability to establish interpersonal relationships and derive satisfaction from them through communication training, motivation building, and creativity. The joint implementation of tasks by project partners from Poland and Slovakia opened up new opportunities for coherent integration of the education system on both sides of the border. The involvement of schools on both sides of the border was a great opportunity for exchange of experiences and good practices, which contributed to the effectiveness and efficiency of the actions taken.


In the very difficult time of the pandemic, we also turned to those in need and conducted a charity campaign, #DomyDzieckaBezWirusa (Children’s Homes Without Virus) in 2020, which helped strengthen the sense of security for children and youth in orphanages in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The situation where disinfectants were widely unavailable and…