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Crisis Intervention

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we have been pursuing not only our statutory goals of assisting refugees from Ukraine, but also providing material aid by accommodating them in a property we have in Rzeszów, which we have urgently adapted for habitation. Since February 24th, 45 families, comprising over 100 individuals, have found shelter here.

Thanks to the projects described above, we have so far helped 2500 Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Poland during the ongoing war in their country.
The first financial support we received was from the Chancellery of the Council of Ministers, for the implementation of psychological support for 200 individuals – 1000 hours of consultations.
We have managed to equip a hostel for Ukrainian refugees (residential infrastructure necessary to provide decent existential and living conditions for hostel residents) thanks to the S.O.S. Ukraine project under the Civil Organizations Development Program for the years 2018-2030, Priority 5 – support obtained from the National Freedom Institute.

The next project implemented since May of this year was the INTEGRATION PROJECT, funded by a grant from Air Liquide. Its goal was to promote social integration of adults, children, and youth through individual psychological counseling (500 hours provided), group activities (100 hours), and organizing trips for children with their parents (31 individuals).

As part of the Together for Ukraine! project, co-financed by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, we have undertaken activities to promote vocational activation and social integration of foreigners legally residing in Poland. From May 2022 to December 2023, 500 refugees will receive 2000 hours of individual psychological counseling and 912 hours of group sociotherapeutic activities for children and youth.

We are also implementing the Solidarity in Need project, funded by the Assistance Fund based on agreement no. S-I.6333.119.4.2022/T concluded with the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The MAIN GOAL OF THE PROJECT is to support educational initiatives, prevent risky behaviors among children and youth, and create space for comprehensive development.
In partnership with the J. A. Komenski Children’s Development Foundation, in cooperation with UNICEF, we are implementing the SPYNKA PROGRAM to support Ukrainian mothers with young children. Its aim is to facilitate the adaptation and build a sense of security and community for children and their mothers from Ukraine, support children’s development, and foster community and relationships among children.

Our assistance is also unconventional. In partnership with the UNHCR – UN Refugee Agency, we are implementing the Mobil Protection Hub project, which aims to provide comprehensive and free mobile psychological assistance through individual consultations and group workshops. The “mobility” aspect involves providing this assistance by traveling in a camper equipped with a therapeutic office, reaching small towns in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.