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Youth Volunteer Leadership Academy! (2021)

The aim of the project “Youth Volunteer Leadership Academy!” implemented in 2021 was to increase the civic activity of 32 students from Janusz Korczak Primary and Secondary School Complex in Łańcut in developing volunteerism focused on solving social problems through the implementation of original social initiatives in the areas of culture, sports, tourism, recreation, and social animation. The project was funded by the National Freedom Institute – Center for Civil Society Development NoweFio.

The task was an original initiative of our foundation and aimed at shaping leadership skills in the field of civic and social activity among young people aged 16-19. The program served an activation and preventive function, providing young people with space for personal development and increasing their ability to influence the surrounding reality through volunteering and social animation. Project participants took part in a series of workshops that allowed them to acquire knowledge and skills in primary prevention and learn about the specifics of volunteer work. They also participated in training and consultations with a psychologist and mentor, which contributed to the development of an individual development path. Thanks to these activities, participants’ knowledge about civil society increased. Young people, through engagement in events using street pedagogy and volunteer activities using innovative methods, techniques, and animation tools, were able to experience the impact of making social change.

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