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The Tree of Freedom Needs to be Watered Constantly” (2018)

The task was funded through the resources of the Civic Initiatives Fund Program for the years 2014-2020. The project’s activities were aimed at developing communities and local societies, expanding their knowledge in the field of civic actions and public participation, national and personal freedom. We have implemented, among others:

  • Inaugural conference – precise adaptation of activities to the needs of the recipients and implementation of effective methods of action in the Przeworsk Municipality.
  • Workshops for children and youth on topics related to personal and national freedom.
  • Training workshops for NGOs.
  • Lectures on public participation and social economy.
  • Consultation meeting as part of the Municipal Cooperation Program with NGOs.
  • Artistic creativity review “Freedom has many names”.
  • Organization of the Social Support Center.
  • Meetings for co-creation of a social economy entity in the Przeworsk Municipality with representatives of the Local Government and the Municipal Council.
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