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Healthy Against Addictions!” (since 2020)

Based on previously completed projects and addressing the needs observed in 2020, the “Healthy Against Addictions!” project was created, focusing on prevention of psychoactive substance addictions, particularly alcohol. Our efforts have allowed for the promotion of healthy lifestyle patterns and the prevention of risk factors and negative consequences associated with alcohol addiction. Through workshop activities, students and campaign recipients had the opportunity to develop their social skills such as communication, conflict resolution, emotion management, and cooperation. Educators also received support and appropriate knowledge from specialists conducting the activities, enabling them to respond effectively in challenging situations and support students’ proper development.

The aim of this public task was to raise awareness among young people about the dangers they may face, as well as to activate them to take preventive actions while engaging in activities that develop their passions and interests, and promote active forms of spending leisure time without addiction. Implementing prevention campaigns in schools allows for direct involvement of students in taking actions to increase the effectiveness of psychoeducational activities.

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