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School of multiplication of talents – III edition

Public task: “School of multiplication of talents – III edition” from the field of social assistance – from the area of support for innovative activities aimed at communities at risk of helplessness in matters of care and upbringing or aimed at activation of the elderly in 2023, co-financed from the budget of the Podkarpackie Governor.
The main objective of the public task is to provide support aimed at 24 children and adolescents from the Krasne Municipality through the creation of an offer of general development activities.
The program assumes the implementation of 3 forms of support in the form of implementation of classes:

  • prevention of behavioral addictions with a focus on addiction to games/Internet – 160h
  • learning training – 160h
  • sociotherapy – 160h

Implementation period: 17.07 – 31.12.2023 r.

Funding value: PLN 40,500.00

Rozlicz z nami PIT 1,5%